Vista Blitz
Digital photographs documenting Melanie Authier's exhibition Vista Blitz. The exhibition consisted of abstract paintings, and was displayed in the New Gallery's location in Eau Claire Market, Calgary. The exhibition ran from November 14 to December 13, 2008.

Authier showed visually complex landscape-like paintings that referenced the illusion of deep space while simultaneously emphasizing the two-dimensionality of paint. Combining blocks of flat colour with passages of painterly strokes, Authier's paintings demonstrated a series of contrasts: shallow and deep, smooth and textured, geometric and organic, chaos and order. With subtle reference to historical movements in painting (Futurism, Romanticism, Abstract Expressionism), her paintings explored the idea of nature and the natural world as a mediated and socially constructed entity.

You can learn more about Authier on her website, located at

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Year 2008
Coverage (yyyy-mm-dd) November 14 to December 13 2008
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Credit line Images from the collection of The New Gallery, and courtesy of the artist.
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