Penthouse 29
Scanned slides documenting Jill Henderson's exhibition Penthouse 29. The exhibition was an installation consisting of drawings applied directly to the gallery's walls and tables holding blueprints. There were also sound and video components. It was held in the New Gallery's location at 516d 9th Avenue S.W., Calgary. It ran from March 6 to 28, 1998.

Penthouse 29 presented 29 large-scale blueprints for "imaginary fantasy penthouses and monster homes." Drawn swiftly and instinctively, the blueprints did not lay out precise and measured plans for a house, but instead reflected a whimsical life of luxury. Indeed, the plans were in stark contrast to the detailed architectural drawings required in construction.

Created with a dose of humour, the plans usually included recreational features, such as music rooms, DJ booths, bars, and pools. Some of the penthouses were created with specific home owners in mind, such as No. 9, Sky Heli-Port Bachelor Pad Penthouse, No. 23, Warehouse Cat Lover Penthouse, and No. 29, Ice Cream Sundae Penthouse (for families). Many of the penthouses had fantastical shapes, such as No. 3, Poo Snowman Penthouse, and No. 11, Jigsaw Piece Penthouse.

Moving images, sound and light were also included in the installation. On a TV, clips from the movies Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Midnight Cowboy, and Tommy showed visions of luxury, desire and fantasy. A sound track of ambient electronic music played in the background, while coloured lights lit some of the images. Combined, they created the impression of an architect's fantastical studio.

You can learn more about Henderson and her work on her website, located at
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Penthouse 29 Press Release, March 1998
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