David Zack: Wizard?! Perturber?! Possessed!
Digital photographs documenting the exhibition David Zack: Wizard?! Perturber?! Possessed! The exhibition, consisting of an installation of correspondence art (mail art), was curated by artist Istvan Kantor. The exhibition was held in The New Gallery's location in Eau Claire Market, Calgary, from October 10-November 8, 2008.

David Zack and Kantor were friends, and many of the works shown came from Kantor's personal collection. Zack was a prolific writer, theorist, and musician who sent hundreds of letters to his correspondents; many of these works--often decorated with line drawings and rubber stamps--were displayed in the show. Viewers were encouraged to look at the works displayed on the walls, as well as to go through binders containing Zack's long--and sometimes nonsensical--letters. The works were occasionally signed "Monty Cantsin," a pseudonym developed and used by both men, and a name they encouraged other people to adopt as well.

Although much of Zack's life is cloaked in controversy and confusion, it is known that he studied at the University of Chicago and at Cambridge. He was an art historian, professor, and founder of the Tepoztlán Immortality Centre, which he operated from his home in Mexico. He is believed to have died in 1995, shortly after being released from a Mexican prison where he was thought to have been serving time for fraud.

You can learn more about David Zack at http://www.ccca.ca/artists/artist_info.html?link_id=13323", and about Istvan Kantor at http://www.ccca.ca/performance_artists/k/kantor/kantor_perf18/index.html

You can see additional material related to this exhibition on TNG's archived webpage, available here:http://www.thenewgallery.org/exhibitions/main-space/wizard-perturber-possessed-letters-and-other-works-of-a-correspondence-artist-1938-1995-2008-10-10

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Year 2008
Coverage (yyyy-mm-dd) October 10 to November 08 2008
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