Photorealism: 3-dimensional photos
Scanned slides documenting Rebecca Rowley's exhibition, Photorealism: 3-dimensional photos. The exhibition was an installation of photographic sculptures displayed in the New Gallery's Front Space, located at 516d 9th Avenue S.W., Calgary. It ran from March 14-25, 2000.

Rowley's sculptures were an exploration of a two dimensional medium--photography--in a three-dimensional way. To create her sculptures, she photographed the different planes of an object, then reconstructed the the objects in three-dimensions from the resulting photographs. She describes the finished works: "The resulting objects are fakes coated in their own most faithful copies. The coating becomes the new reality, imprisoning the real object in its surface. The new object is an entirely superficial illusion, stripped of all previous reality and replaced by its photographic reality." She notes that her sculptures are a "re-invented third dimension," and are missing the function and substance of the objects they reproduce.
Description Sources
Rebecca Rowley artist statement, 1999
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Year 2000
Coverage (yyyy-mm-dd) March 14 to March 25 2000
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